Testimonial from author James Van Pelt

Author and Colorado teacher, James Van Pelt

Author and Colorado

I’m a long-time veteran of the CWP (I did all the offerings, including the summer seminar in Greeley in 1991 or ’92), and I still tell teachers they should enroll.

This will be my thirty-fifth year of teaching in western Colorado, and I was looking back at all the classes, seminars, and workshops I attended. None of them did as much for me as the CWP. When I took the summer course, I’d just finished my masters at U.C. Davis in Creative Writing. I didn’t need to be sold on the idea of teachers as writers, but it was nice to see an entire movement devoted to the idea that all teachers should write, not just so they can teach it, but because writing is a way for individuals to explore themselves.

That’s a powerful learning tool for the teachers to examine their inner lives, and it’s a powerful teaching tool to bring to the classroom.

Thank you for the work that you and all the instructional coaches bring to Colorado teachers in this powerful program.

Read Van Pelt’s latest novel, Pandora’s Gun, or find out more at jamesvanpelt.com

Here’s What Your Colleagues Are Saying About CWP

(After CWP and CWPII) I have unconsciously become a resource for my colleagues at school. I have unique lessons and techniques to share with others, and when I question how I’m teaching writing, I can go back to my own notebook of writing from the past summers to ground myself and my teaching. I’m aching for my colleagues to experience CWP, see the potential, and understand what I’m talking about when I suggest writer’s workshop.
–Katie Clark, Salida High School, Salida, CO

New Mission Statement!

The Colorado Writing Project empowers teacher writers and writing teachers to engage and inspire students to be lifelong writers. Using a research-based writing workshop, CWP brings joy to the teaching and learning of writing.
New mission statement, penned by the Colorado Writing Project teacher consultants at the annual retreat, 7 May 2016.

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about CWP:


Kathryn Presnal, Principal, The Bijou School, Colorado Springs

All members of my literacy team have attended the 2-week summer workshops offered by CWP (some have attended multiple levels).  We utilize Writers Workshop in our English courses and have found it to be an effective way of reaching our at risk students.  I am an avid writer and attended CWP in 2014. I found it to be informative and inspirational for my own writing and, most of all, a whole lot of fun!  I recommend this workshop to all educators!