“CWP has ignited a passion for writing in me that I wasn’t aware of before.”

On Thursday afternoon, I invited participants to share some golden lines, their favorite lines of writing that they’ve produced so far this week:

For months, dogs chirruped about the sheer fact that Max had survived the situation at all, let alone that it would forever launch him into a sort of notorious fame. Max was considered one of the baddest prairie dogs in the history of of Rabbitbrush.


We are so good at circling each other / avoiding what needs to be said / that we come together like an explosion of startled birds / wings flapping, feathers ruffled / startled and angry.


There is only this loud memory that needed to be written. Needed out.


I clumsily grasped the reins with the hand already filled with the bit and the bridle. “Easy girl. Easy.”


Ultimately we travel alone and need to know the world through the eyes of our souls.


Perhaps Hemingway was an Alien. / I can see him flicking his tail.


The din of kids yelling and screaming around me contrasted with the silent shame that began to overtake me like a dark cloud.