Summer Workshops

Please contact Karen Hartman at 303.246.0657 if your district is interested in hosting a workshop.

All of our summer workshops — CWP I, II, and III — are based on the premise that teachers of writing should be writers themselves. That is why in all courses participants not only explore current research on writing instruction and successful classroom practices, they also write daily and participate in a writer’s workshop.

On-site workshops are two-week institutes for 15 to 25 people offered throughout the state during June, July, and August.

Online workshops are four-week, self-paced, courses with synchronous opportunities to meet and work with others.    

See Schedule/Registration for schedule of courses and registration information.  

CWP I: This is the introductory course you should sign up for if you have never taken a CWP summer workshop before. The schedule for the course includes:

  • community/team building activities
  • daily professional reading
  • daily discussion of readings and sharing of best practices in writing instruction
  • daily models of materials and strategies you can take back to your classroom
  • time to read and write on your own
  • writing workshop groups
  • frequent conferring with instructor(s)

CWP II and III: Those of you who have already completed a CWP I summer workshop and who have a burning question about writing that you would like to study can sign up for any of the sites listed under Summer Courses. Instructors will work individually with you to design an exploration of writing and writing instruction to meet your individual needs that goes beyond your introductory experience in CWP I. CWP II and III offer participants the opportunity for independent study on a topic of interest while still maintaining the collegiality of peers. During the professional studies section of the day, CWP II and III participants delve into a topic of their choice. During writing time, they work with CWP colleagues. Additional graduate credit (4 semester hours) is available from UCD for these advanced level courses.

Although a single person from your school or department can attend, CWP strongly believes that having a team of teachers take part in an institute leads to quicker, more effective, and longer lasting implementation of good writing practices.



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