Other Services

Custom-designed Professional Development

CWP follows research-based professional development models that show the most effective teacher learning occurs when workshops are directly connected to what teachers are doing in their classrooms and when they are part of sustained instruction, learning, interaction, and support.

Therefore, CWP does not do “one-shot” workshops. What we will do is work with your school or district to design a series of workshops and professional development activities about writing that are guaranteed to be hands-on, interactive, research-based, and structured to meet the specific needs of your school setting.

We can help you plan a year-long professional development program (this could include a summer institute) that combines writing workshops and professional studies with mentoring and regular opportunities for teachers to observe each other, talk, plan, and reflect on their practice.

Fees for all services are negotiable. Please contact Karen Hartman (303.421.7121 or email) for information about CWP involvement in your school’s writing program.


Fall Follow-up Workshops

Once you have taken a CWP summer workshop, the next challenge is to put to work in your classroom what you have learned and experience in CWP I. Are you needing some support to get your students revising or working more effectively in writing workshop groups? Looking for mentor texts to support focus lessons? Feeling the need for some back-up as you promote writer’s workshop with parents or administrators? Or do you just miss the chance to write and talk with your teaching peers about teaching writing?

Fall follow-up workshops, that meet monthly the first semester of school, help CWP fellows to work through the changes in their classroom that they have envisioned as a result of the readings and activities of CWP summer workshops. The agenda of the course is largely determined by the needs of the participants. Graduate credit for the course is available. For information about follow-up classes or other services, please contact Karen Hartman, CWP director.