Summer Schedule 2022  

  • We’re hoping to offer in-person 2-week workshops as well as a 4-week online workshop. We’ll post here when we have something scheduled.


Registration Information, Summer 2021:

  • Workshop fees: Summer 2021 workshop courses are $500 for a four-week class.
    • There is an additional cost for books, between $55 and $60.
    • UCD credit is $105 per semester hour plus fees of $56
      • 4 credits/60 hours
    • Boulder Valley Teachers ONLY: for summer 2021, the district will cover the full registration (no books or UCD credit) for middle and high school language arts teachers out of secondary materials adoption funds. For elementary teachers, the district will cover half of the registration fee for up to 20 teachers.
  • Registration: Please complete the form below to submit your registration online.
  • Note to school districts: If you are sending a check to pay for teachers’ fees, please pay in full. Teachers will still need to register individually and indicate in the “Comments” section which fees are being covered (course fees and books). Email for an invoice if needed.

(Scroll below the registration form for payment information.)

How to Pay:

  • Send a check for the workshop fee ($500) by June 1 to:
  • Colorado Writing Project
  • 9765 W. 77th Drive
  • Arvada, CO 80005
  • Boulder middle school and high school teachers: your district is paying your fee.
  • Boulder elementary teachers: you need to pay half of the fee ($250). Your district will pay the rest.
  • Teachers from other districts or states: if you school district is paying, ask Karen Hartman to send an invoice to your district ( Send her the contact name and email of the person who should get the invoice.
  • Otherwise, send your personal check to the address above.

How to Pay for Graduate Credit:

  • We will send registration materials to you for the University of Colorado, Denver, if you want graduate credit. You will need to send them the registration before the class begins; they will bill you for tuition and fees.

15 thoughts on “Schedule/Registration

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  7. Hi:

    I have a couple questions. First, are you offering college credit for the seminars? Also, I completed tho workshop and paid for credits, and unfortunately my Mesa University transcript says F. I know this is an error.

    Thanks, Courteney


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